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Saturday, November 27, 2010

28 Reasons the Sequel was Weak: 28 Weeks Later

Todd Over Thinks at the Movies

Todd Fischer, Oct. 16th, 2007

1. Why do the Infected not attack each other? If the simple answer is they can sense those who are Infected, then why would the father have killed the mother? She was Infected, even if not outwardly affected by the Rage Virus. This would seem to indicate that there is NO reason why the Infected would not attack each other, and that the only reason they don’t is because then we wouldn’t have much of a movie. All those packs of Infected would have torn themselves to bits.

2. I don’t care if you are a kid who misses his mom, sneaking out of a safe zone to get her picture from your house is idiotic and suicidal. Would anybody really be that dumb?

3. They make a point of telling us the father has an access card that lets him in anywhere in the building, which never really comes into play. I guess he used it to get in to see his wife, so maybe this shouldn’t even qualify as a point against the film. Oh wait, except his wife wasn’t even under surveillance, let alone under guard. And really, would a custodial pass card let you into a high security medical lab?

4. The helicopter pilot would not take the kids when his buddy is alive, but for some reason will once he’s dead.

5. Speaking of the helicopter pilot, it’s a good thing he seems to be able to do whatever the hell he wants, without having to let anyone know where he’s going.

6. It’s also a good thing for the helicopter pilot that there’s no military blockade of England, so he can just merrily fly to the mainland. One would think there would be an international naval blockade and that there would be no way a plane or helicopter could leave England without being challenged. Besides, isn’t that also assuming the Infected can’t swim?

7. “I know I have the rifle with a night sight scope, and we’re walking through a pitch black Underground, but why don’t you kids walk in front of me since you can’t see, where you will also be between me and anything I may have to shoot?”

8. That was the un-safest safe-zone I’ve ever seen. No guards and a single chain on the door that snapped at the first sign of pressure.

9. Did everyone forget that the virus is contained in all bodily fluids, including blood? Blood gets spattered all over people in this movie and no one is worried about infection. In fact, this is so prevalent it’s worth a few points:

10. No Infection?: The brother hugs his sister covered in gore with no one showing the slightest concern.

11. No Infection?: What’s more, the kid doesn’t bother to clean the blood off for the rest of the movie.

12. No Infection?: When the medical officer shoots the Infected guard and splatters his blood all over the door to the kids’ room she shows no concern in touching it when opening the door.

13. People are assuming that once an Infected dies, the virus dies with them. Who says? The virus could lie dormant in their bodily remains. The sister very easily could have become infected taking the keys from the decaying pizza delivery boy.

14. If you are going to commandeer a pizza delivery moped, wouldn’t you take the six-month old pizzas off of it before riding off? Yuck.

15. When the American soldier helps the kids escape by pushing their car until it starts, he is fried by other American troops with a flamethrower. Troops who do not seem to care that a car with other possibly infected people is zooming off down the street.

16. Would they really start importing displaced citizens while there are still bodies being burned in the streets?

17. There are only 15000 people in the safe zone, not including American soldiers. Once the outbreak occurs most of them are firebombed. That means, at most, a few hundred Infected remain. I dunno, that’s just not as scary to me as a whole island full of them (like in the first one).

18. Less Infected means less threat, and since they didn’t use wild animals (see next point) they had to make the military the enemy. I wasn’t watching this movie to see the protagonists dodge bullets. I was watching this movie to see them try to evade zombies Infected.

19. Packs of rats and wild dogs are mentioned, but we don’t see a single one. Where was the giant roving pack of slavering canines, half-starved and looking for fresh meat? Where were the hordes of rats in the Underground?

20. Where were the insects? You would think, with that many decomposing bodies, that the streets would be filled with flies and other bugs.

21. The father must have had a homing chip implanted in his kids, because somehow me manages to track them all over London after he becomes Infected.

22. It takes the military, what, at least an hour to catch up with two kids riding a moped.

23. This isn’t supposed to be a zombie movie, and yet a lot of the Infected seem to like to bite. If someone is overcome with rage I think the instinct would be to hit, not bite. The only reason they are biting so much is for plot convenience (so the virus can spread).

24. Again, not a zombie movie, but we have some very zombiesque shots following the scene in which the helicopter pilot manages to chop up a bunch of Infected with his helicopter blades (pretty good flying; I think most people trying a stunt like that would have clipped a blade and flipped their bird). I would have had no problem with the squirming dismembered bodies and folks walking around missing major portions of their bodies if this was a zombie movie. But the writer/director has always maintained that these are not zombies. I guess they were just so angry at being chopped to bits by a helicopter that they didn’t feel like dying right away.

25. The virus turns people too quickly. In the first movie after an Infected attack there was a period of paranoia and fear as everyone had to see if their comrades had been scratched, bitten or splattered with Infected bodily fluid. Here, the virus turns people immediately (such as the teenage girl in the opening scene).

26. Would sitting in a car really protect you from that much poison gas?

27. The editing. I found it often jarring, making it hard to follow the action.

28. We knew how the movie was going to end.

Now, all that said, there were some good parts to the movie. The score was great. The father made a great zombie Infected. There are a few neat high tension scenes (though you’re still inwardly cursing the characters for fools during them). Just not enough to really make this a movie necessarily worth watching more than once.

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