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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Booming Border Town: Vest Yorvik

Written for Geographica Septentria.

Standing as it does at the eastern edge of Septentria, the Canton of Vest Yorvik resides on the border of the neighbouring Barony of Ramshaven. In olden days Septentria and Ramshaven were united as a single barony (in fact, in its heyday the Barony of Septentria covered most of southern Ontario). According to the histories of Ramshaven, in AS 29 the then Baron and Baroness of Septentria, Cordigan and Diane, felt they needed a strong presence along the border with the Middle Kingdom. As such, a new barony was formed—with Cordigan and Diane as the first Baron and Baroness. Ieuan and Adrielle were then invested as the new Baron and Baroness of Septentria, and the lands of Vest Yorvik suddenly found themselves a border town.

Over the years the peoples of Vest Yorvik have shown strong skills in the arts and sciences, and some have distinguished themselves upon the fields of combat, emblazoned with the white bear of Septentria. Though usually a peaceful place, sometimes rumours of invasion from the land of the rams is heard, but to date no hostility has ever broken out between the two baronies.

As a border town, Vest Yorvik has found itself to be a thriving place of trade. Several ports run along Lacus Ealdormearc that sees ships from many other baronies and kingdoms come and go every day. A huge fish market has sprung up along the docks, and traders and merchants of all stripes hawk their wares to passersby.

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