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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Greenhithe be the Waeter

Written for Geographica Septentria.

Greenhithe be the Waeter, as its name suggests, is a port town, one of Septentria’s five eastern ports. Nestled under the vast bulk of Petrea Thule, Greenhithe has a long history, one complete with hardship and triumph.

Originally another canton stood where Greenhithe stands now. Called Whit’s End, this original canton was founded in AS 32. Before long there was a terrible storm, and Whit’s End tumbled into the sea. For a few years the land was barren until new pioneers arrived who built up a new town and outlying farms. The officers toiled long and hard, passed the torch on to younger hands and retired to their manors. These younger hands have pressed forward and by all respects Greenhithe now seems to be thriving.

The port is a busy place, full of ships sailing to and from Æthelmearc and points farther east. The dockyards are filled with the sound of hammers as new boats are constructed under the snapping Greenhithe banners. The town’s streets are a bustle with wagons, wains and pedestrians and the market square is packed with venders and shoppers. Outside the town’s limits the farms are lush and the forests are verdant.

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