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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The TankArd 50, but not Rusty Yet

Written for 'TankArd', an SCA journal, 2002.

When I first became the chronicler for the canton of Ardchreag I did a quick count and found that, after moving from a bi-monthly to a monthly publication schedule the 50th issue would fall within my term. I was very excited by this, and it is one of the regrets I have about leaving the post early. I was really looking forward to doing this issue. However, I cannot think of anyone I would rather have seen take over than Lady Mahault van der Eych.

In my time as canton chronicler I got to work closely with many members of the populace as I got to pester people for articles and event reports. I worked with the other officers to get and disseminate as much information as possible through the chronicle. Most of all I had fun.

In all the things I have tried since joining the SCA I have fit into none of them as I have fit into the chronicler’s role. I like the fighting, the research, the bardic arts and the games, but I love to chronicle.

When I became the Septentrian chronicler I sent out an introductory letter in which I said:

As you can tell, I am passionate about publishing, and I hope you all are too! When I got my last warrant I saw that there were only two warranted Chroniclers in Septentria, and only five in Ealdormere overall, and that's just disgraceful. We have a rich and diverse populace with many skills and talents to record. We have songs, stories and poems that need to be archived. Changes to Law, Arts and Sciences articles, missives, records, journals and reports to log. Too often in the SCA our history is forgotten because nobody wrote anything down.

We need to change that.

Although it is not mandatory for the local levels (Canton and Shire) to produce a newsletter, I think every group should. It serves as an important record of the history of your group, and is an invaluable resource to be given out to newcomers. It shows them who you are, what you are about, and gives them important contact information. It also gives them something to do right away while they wait to find their niche. They can write for you!

I still believe that, and I hope that the future chroniclers of The TankArd will continue the good work of all those who came before. People like Lord Sam Forkbeard, Lord Raffe Scholemaystre, Lady Alaani (known as Elf), myself, and Lady Mahault van der Eych.

Long live The TankArd, and may it never get rusty.


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