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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What is the music telling you?

Todd Fischer, Apr. 22nd, 2009

Written for 'The Vopice of the Toy Soldiers', recorded by Enyo.

Throughout history the minstrel has been an instrument of change. He may have gone by other names, but he has always been the same. It is the minstrel who shapes history, who—with mere words—can change the course of a nation…or of the entire world.

From the Anglo-Saxon scopes, to the Norse skalds, from the North American shaman to the French joeungleurs, these smiths of words and music have guided us through history.

Listen to the music. What is it telling you?

Sadly, today most minstrels have lost their way. They have forgotten their noble heritage and the niche they fill within society across the globe. Instead of cautioning kings against folly they peddle merchandise, push pastimes that distract the citizenry from what is happening around them, and aid and assist in the mental enslavement of our generation.

However, there is one beckon in the night, one shining light, one man so insane with glee that he willingly wanders the wastelands of stardom rather than sell his soul to the devil.

This man is Dr. Steel. With lyrics that urge the listener to question authority, to think for themselves, to be creative rather than destructive, Dr. Steel’s music can change you. It can drop the scales from your eyes, it can connect you with a community of like minded individuals who want to make having fun the world’s top priority, and it can inspire you.

Listen to the music. What is it telling you?

Like the bards of old Dr. Steel tells it like it is, through metaphor and allegory (or even a puppet show). Armed with humour, wit and cupcakes he braves the indifference of a savage industry. For he is not just a bard; he is also a white knight, wearing a lab coat as his tunic, his goggles as his shield, and his music as his sword. Thus armed he has set out on an epic journey.

Will you follow?

Listen to the music.

What is it telling you?

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